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What is an Ohana Workshop?

Ohana means family!  Ohana Workshops are designed for families with children under 16 to come together for a unique afternoon of crafting and fun.  Coast DIY Bar will supply all your materials, you supply the creativity!  Walk out with something special you made together.

What is included?

Ohana Workshops are designed for families up to 4 & no more than 2 adults and must include children under 16.  Each family project is designed with something for all ages to complete - sanding/painting for the little kiddos, drilling for the adults.  Adult beverages include 10 oz wine or 12 oz beer. Other beverages include water and sodas.  Drinks are included, snacks available for purchase. 


How much does it cost?

Costs are under $60 and specific to the family project you choose. Keep an eye out, we will be adding and changing projects often.  Select 'Ohana Workshop Projects' from the Ohana Workshop dropdown menu.

How do I reserve my spot?

Head to our reservations page to reserve your spot!  Choose Ohana Workshop, then choose your date.  We also take walk-ins if seats are available.

What if my family is larger than 4, can I bring them?

Absolutely - bring all your kids and the grandparents!  For each additional person, there is an additional fee that includes beverages and an increase in project materials so everyone is involved.  See each specific project on the Ohana Project page to learn what is included for additional person and the cost.

Is there a minimum age?

Not really. This is a family event, but remember Coast DIY Bar is an adult-friendly venue - there will be wine/beer onsite and consumed during this event.  Additionally, there are craft supplies and tools readily available and accessible at all heights. We expect you to be in charge of your family; please use your best judgement to ensure these events can continue safely.  Safety and Image Waivers will need to be signed for each family prior to starting projects..   

Can I bring outside food and drinks?

We have plenty of drinks available for adults and kiddos, so no outside drinks allowed.  Feel free to bring small snacks, or we will have some for purchase onsite.

Can I bring friends instead of family?

This event is specifically designed to offer a workshop that parents can bring their younger children.  You and your friends are welcome to join us; however, you will each be required to purchase your own individual project off the main DIY menu.

You didn't answer my questions.

Sorry about that, shoot us an email at and we will do our best to get you what you need.