Variety is the Spice

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

"Variety is the spice of life," it's the age old saying that you've heard again and again. When you hear someone roll this saying off their tongue, you just brush it off, don't you? We totally know you do - and at Coast DIY Bar, our team has set out to change that. No two artists are the same - that's right, YOU are an artist! And that means no two projects should be the same either!

Our Wood Tray project takes on three completely different styles!

Coast DIY Bar is your locally-owned and operated Craft & DIY Workshop. We offer our customers an extensive menu of projects from which to choose, limitless color mixing options and a wide variety of design options. So many choices!

Our Project Menu & DIY Bar - a crafter's dream!

Have you ever got home from a paint night with two of the same painting? Want to make sure it doesn't happen again? We've got you covered. With all the choices we offer, you will never go home with exactly the same project as the person sitting next to you!

String Art three ways

Our shop provides a welcoming and relaxing feel with inspiration everywhere you look. Our goal is to get your creativity flowing! Whether it is trying out a new technique or simply mixing up your custom color, there will never be a project just like yours. Each piece in our shop is just like its creator -- unique!

We bottle our favorite customer colors!

Come on down to see us at Coast DIY Bar and enjoy the variety! #varietyisthespice





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